The British Landscape Club

BLC Badges arrive

Members: We’ve just taken delivery of our lovely “Founding Member” badges which were, apparently, held up in some way by an unpronounceable Icelandic volcano. The irony of the business of the Landscape Club being held back momentarily by the actions of the landscape is not lost on us.

We only have a few hundred of these special “Founding Member” badges and there will be no more printed so if you haven’t already done so, send us your details to get your hands on one. Fill in the Members’ Area form and we’ll put one in the post to you for nothing, along with an exquisitely designed sample chapter from the BLC forthcoming manual, The Lie of the Land.

Non-members: You have to be a member of the British Landscape Club to get a member’s badge, any other way - we think you’ll agree - is madness. Membership - like the badge - is completely free and only requires that you sign-up for our occasional newsletter re:view. All we ever do is send you a link to where you may find it and we never, ever give, sell or otherwise divulge your email address or any other personal details to anyone.
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