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The Dabbler: The Lie of the Land

Today I’m explaining - without the benefit of garbled technobabble and jargon - what connections can be made between a landscape and its underlying geology. Take a peek at The Dabbler website for my mini-post.

Lay-by of the week:
The Cow and Calf Rocks, Ilkley Moor

This time last week I was preparing for my talk at the Manor House Museum in Ilkley on the Yorkshire Beneath Their Feet. It was a glorious evening - coming in from the hotel in the neighbouring village of Ben Rhydding, sunset turned the sky the colour of orange juice. The talk went well - a nice crowd of 40 or so - and I was feeling upbeat as I headed back to my hotel - the next day I was due to lead a party around a local tourist hotspot, the Cow and Calf Rocks, which loom over the town like a thunder cloud.

Overnight, a thick fog descended, but 35 people dutifully turned up to follow me around the Cow and Calf anyway, despite visibility beyond the end of one’s arms becoming difficult, so this week’s lay-by of the week is dedicated to the helpful folk of Ilkley and its environs.

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NB, For aesthetic reasons, the Googlecar is a little below the Cow and Calf car park in this shot.