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Oldest Landscapes
Parts of the Northwest Highlands are amongst the oldest landscapes on Earth. The Lewisian Gneisses, a striped and banded family of rocks that form a hummocky plateau along the north west sea-board of Scotland, were formed between 2.5 and 3 billion years ago.
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Human Landscapes
There are not many landscapes in Britain that are free from human influence - here are a few pictures of ancient and modern human involvement with the scenery.
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After the Ice
Much of Britain found itself under ice in the relatively recent (in geological terms, at least) past. We all remember the U-shaped valleys of our geography lessons, but even areas that were not buried under mile-high glaciers - such as the south of England, experienced conditions that we would call 'Siberian' today.
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The View from the Train
Though often ignored, the liminal, in-between areas like grass verges, the overgrown un-farmable corners of fields or the embankments of motorways are all part of the landscape too. It’s almost a cliche to say that you get a completely different view from another liminal area - the railway track - than the one that you normally see, but I’ve recently started taking pictures from trains for that very reason.
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Autumn Colour
The English Lake District is one of the best places to experience autumn in all its glory. Here are some shots taken from the shores of Lake Windermere.