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A journey of three billion years

Just in case you wondered what kind of journey takes 3 billion years to complete, we have Google mapped a version of the 750 mile trip from Chapter 2 of The Lie of the Land which notches up 4 million years for every mile you go.

View No vestige of a beginning, no prospect of an end. in a larger map

We’ve added some points of landscape interest along the way and we’ll add more as the weeks go by and as the fancy takes us.

iTunes University - a few geological links

iTunesU, the free to download educational resource available to anyone with a PC/Mac and a copy of iTunes (also free), has a huge amount of content, including videos from the Open University. Here are three from the OU’s Geology course that the BLC has found useful.

Geological Landforms: Dorset and the Isle of Skye

Geological structures exposed

Geological time

These are special web links that should open iTunes on your PC or Mac and take you to the correct page.